Geth Brightwood

A guard protecting the streets of Sulta


He appears to be in his 50s, with shoulder-length white hair and a scar running over his forehead. He stands 6" tall, of stocky build. The majority of his body is covered by armor, but his head remains unprotected.


Geth Brightwood worked as a guard in Sulta, where he ran across Vesper as she cut the purse from a nearby gnome. He halted her and, being compassionate for one who is so poor and downtrodden as to steal in order to afford their food, agreed to let her off with a warning so long as she formally apologized to the man she stole from and returned his belongings.

Later, in the plaza, he was killed during the attack on the 5th year treaty celebration. While fighting with a robed figure, he was slain by a surprise attack from Kitti and his decapitated head was taken as a trophy. Later, the head was given as a gift to Keros.

Geth Brightwood

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