Keros Vuuxath

A hint of blue under the hood...


He’s wearing a black robe, with a hood covering his face. Around this robe hangs both a dark blue sash and rope belt, and hanging from the belt is a small charm, like what a child might carry with them.


The giving of gifts seems to be a tradition here. In that case, take this gift from me. As the locals say, bye!
-Keros, giving a gift to Kitti and waving enthusiastically as he leaves.

Kitti of the Closet tailed a member of the robed figures who assaulted the plaza, all the way to a meeting taking place in an abandoned alleyway. There, he met Keros, who seemed to hold sway with several other robed figures meeting there. Keros greeted him cordially, but refused to explain any of the recent occurrences to him, despite his help in battle. Before leaving, he bestowed upon Kitti a small turtle shell charm.

Keros Vuuxath

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