Treskri di Gavir

Treskri Di Gavir (The World of Order), often shortened to Gavir (Order) by it's citizens, is the oldest country in the known world. It is said that the country was established around the goddess Istus shortly after The Calamity in 0 E.S. The country has flourished over the centuries, with its education and quality of life levels being the highest in the world. It is now one of the world's two great Treskri, being an economic, cultural, and military superpower.

The legends say that after becoming a god, Istus began to weave the tapestry, a foretelling of the future that was interpreted by individuals she herself selected and passed down to the people. These interpreters became the nobles of Gavir, and they established a council whose priority was to interpret the Tapestry's writings and ensure that they come to pass. It is a fundamental belief of the Gavirian government that following the predictions of the Tapestry will bring prosperity to the world as a whole.

The Gavirian government is organized into a council consisting of two parts, the high nobles (inheriting the hereditary governmental power of their ancestors) and the Knight Grandmaster (a military position elected by the Knight Masters).

The life of the average Gavirian citizen is one of a devout believer in Istus and the tapestry. Most Gavirian citizens are assigned careers early in their lives, and they grow up giving the entirety of their lives to these careers. Most Gavirian citizens are allowed to live their social lives as they please, but nobles are often expected to live even their social lives in accordance with the Tapestry.

Trivia: Many Duulorans refer to Gavir as Treskri di Flenruid (the World of Limits), or just Flenruid. This is less common since the end of the war, but still occurs in territories where tensions are high.

Treskri di Gavir

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